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BF3 ps3の入力ラグはいまだ取組中 新パッチ詳細

Battlefield 3 – DICE Still Working on PS3 Input Lag, New Patch Details
BF3 ps3の入力ラグはいまだ取組中 新パッチ詳細


Battlefield 3 players on the PS3 woke up to a nice little update this morning which should have addressed some of the VoIP issues that have been interfering with online communication since launch. But what about the PS3′s input lag? And, where is the “big” patch for all platforms that is meant to go live this month? Luckily, members of DICE have commented on the issue and we’ve learnt a few more details as to what fixes will be included once the next patch goes live.

Addressing Battlefield fans’s concerns about the PS3′s input lag issues, Community Manager, Daniel Matros had this to say: “Sorry but we’re still working on it. No updates from my end unfortunately.” So it looks like PS3 users will have to practice their monk-like patience until the issue is resolved.

Matros also cleared up some confusion surrounding the MAV exploit. We reported earlier that the “MAV exploit” is to be addressed in the next patch; however, it wasn’t clear whether DICE was referring specifically to “MAV riding” or its ability to roadkill an enemy. For those unaware, MAV riding entails a player jumping on top of the MAV as it elevates said player to generally unreachable areas, giving them an unintended advantage over others on the Battlefield. As for the other issue, surely many of you have already had to deal with a pesky MAV hovering over top of you trying to get you killed in the middle of a gunfight. Recently, Matros clarified the former to be the issue being looked into. “There will be a fix for Mav riding later on,” he said in response to one concerned fan. No word on whether or not DICE will be keeping the MAVs roadkill ability.

As for further patch details, it has already been stated that the USAS-12 equipped with FRAG rounds will be receiving tweaks, as will the Mortars and M-COM ribbons. Click on the links for more details. Senior Designer, Fredrik Thylander, was recently asked if the laser designation medal would also be receiving some tweaks. Along with the M-COM defender, it can be one of the harder achievement to earn. He replied, “we aren’t fixing the medal, we are fixing the actual laser targeting,” most likely making it easier laser designate targets. “What about suppression ribbon and flag defender/attacker?” Asked another fan. “Suppression ribbon is getting easier to get. Flag ribbons are about right actually,” answered Thylander.

Which ribbons/medals do you think need tweaking? Do you think the MAV should have the ability to roadkill enemies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to stay tuned to MP1st as we learn more about the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch.
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BF3 アップデート予報 ハック、ポイント設定




>>>サプリメントショップ マキシ

DICE’s Community Manager, Daniel Matros, has more news for those worried about, or affected by, the recent hacking attempts on Battlefield 3 players while Senior Designer, Fredrik Thylander, updates Battlefield 3 fans about incoming vehicle tweaks.

Daniel Matros recently mention to Battlefield fans that a brand new version of Punkbuster was released today and may help alleviate some problems. “Please update to this one as it might solve issues occurring for many users. Arigato!” If you’ve been in the dark recently, a group of hackers began banning innocent PC Battlefield players to protest DICE’s use of Punkbuster. For more details, read here.

Also of note is that DICE has recently posted a job opening for an Anti Cheat Administrator, most likely in an effort to ramp up protection against these types of attacks. “The administrator will compose an absolutely vital function to secure the online experience our games represent by actively be a part of the community and keep up to date with the current cheat exposure.” Their job is also to “Monitor and keep up to date with the cheating community online.”

Fans have recently been asking Senior Gameplay Designer, Fredrik Thylander to tweak vehicle scoring in Battlefield 3. In response, Thylander stated that the current “plan is to have driver assist at 50 next patch.” When asked if there was any chance of adjusting AMTRAC points, Thylander responded, “ill try. Can’t detect on spawn that it’s an amtrac but driver assist is going way up, which should help.” To add to this, he also mentioned that “pilot assists are going up as well.”

Do you think these changes will help promote vehicular teamwork even further? Also, how do you feel DICE is handling the Punkbuster/fake-banning situation? Let us know in the comments below!

Battlefield 3 – MAV Exploit to To Be Patched, Missing B2K Vehicles

BF3 アップデート予報 MAV乗りは不可に

Battlefield 3 – MAV Exploit to To Be Patched, Missing B2K Vehicles





Battlefield 3′s Gameplay Designers, Gustav Halling and Alan Kertz talk MAV exploits and the differences between BF2 versions of the Back to Karkand Maps and their BF3 counter-parts.
Gustav Halling was recently asked if the rather goofy MAV exploit has been patched yet. For those who don’t know, the MAV exploit, which has given rise to hilarious videos like this, allows players to ride on top of it to lift themselves to generally unreachable areas of any given map. Halling responded, “not yet, will be fixed in next [patch],” confirming that it will, indeed, be patched. Hopefully, this fix will be included in the long awaited February patch. No more free rides for you recon players, it seems.
Recently, Alan Kertz spoke of some of the differences of the Battlefield 2 versions of the Back to Karkand maps and their Battlefield 3 remakes. He was asked why some vehicles did not appear on these new maps as they did in Battlefield 2. For example, Gulf of Oman is missing Transport Helicopters on the Russian side, while there is also a missing Humvee on Strike at Karkand and Sharqi Peninsula. Kertz explained, “we made some tweaks to update the maps for BF3, some of the original designs don’t directly translate,” meaning certain decisions had to be made in regards to the similarity of vehicle layouts.
Speaking of Battlefield 2, check out this awesome remake of BF2′s intro in BF3′s Frostbite 2 engine.
We’d like to hear from you. Do you feel the generally harmless MAV exploit should be patched? Battlefield 2 vets, do you prefer the newer versions of these Back to Karkand maps, or do you miss the classic layouts? Let us know in the comments below!
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