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BF3アップデート 最新公式見解 ソフラム得点

BF3 – More IRNV Tweaks, Upcoming Fixes for SOFLAM, Ribbons, and Scoring
BF3 アップデート ソフラムスコア 


Alan Kertz and Fredrik Thylander, Senior Designers at DICE, reveal what changes will soon be making its way to Battlefield 3.

Many users have noticed that, currently, the SOFLAM rewards points for laser designation, but not for destroys or kills, which was originally promised before the release of Battlefield 3.

Thylander clarified by mentioning “soflam users get points for guided damage done to the vehicle they soflam’ed.

Bugged out on destroy though. Fixing it.”

There are some other scoring adjustments that Thylander plans on making in the near future and that we can hopefully expect to see in the next patch. 

”I plan to make adjustments to scoring, helicopter driver assists and soflam laser painting among them.”

On top of this, many of you may have noticed certain ribbons are quite difficult to earn, compared to others.

Thylander states that he will “change both suppress and mcom ribbons when [he gets] a chance.”

Meanwhile, Kertz has been looking into feedback from the community regarding the recently tweaked IRNV scope.

Many are still dissatisfied with how it’s been “patched.”

Thankfully, Kertz mentioned that he will likely make “some tweaks to make it more consistent from environment to environment.”

Among other things, he’s also considering adding a burst fire mode to the HK53 for authenticity reasons:

“it shall be made so.”

When asked if it was intentional that enemies can now see mines and claymores after the latest patch, Kertz responded, “we added mine spotting and it seems to have some bugs.”

This will most likely be looked into for a future patch.

Lastly, he added a bit of information that some players may not have been aware of since it was left out of the latest patch notes.

He was asked if it was also intentional that a player can no longer spawn on the recon who planted a radio beacon.

Kertz answered, “yes.”

Are you happy with the changes in the latest patches?

What else would you like to see fixed/tweaked?

Let us know in the comments below!

Check out some other tweaks that may make it into the next Battlefield 3 patch.

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BF3 アップデート予報 コンソール版にコムローズ?

BF3 – Comrose May Make it to Consoles Yet, G3A3 Fixed, and More on PC VOIP


Members of DICE speak of the possibility of Comrose making it to consoles, issues with the G3A3, and more on PC VOIP.
ダイスのメンバーはコムローズがコンソール版に実装される可能性について、G3とPC VoiPとともに話した。

First, Community Manager, Daniel Matros, clears up some matters regarding in-game VOIP on PC.

It’s been mentioned before but he once again reassures us that DICE is taking it into account.

To clarify, Matros revealed that “there are no technical or business related issues stopping us from implementing in-game VOIP on PC.

We are not promising anything, but it is something we are investigating at the moment.”

What exactly is stopping them is still unclear, but we hope to hear further details in the future.

Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz talks about weapons in his recent dialogue with Battlefield fans.

Some fans have noticed that the G3A3′s rifle scope is misaligned and will not shoot directly where the crosshairs meet.

However, he mentions that he’s “now fixed it.

It seems our zero got reset a few times.”

A few days ago, he talke about giving the bolt-action rifles the ability to one-hit-kill an enemy in the chest at close range.

If you haven’t checked out the second part of his future updates for Battlefield 3, make sure to give that a read.

In cased you missed it, we reported earlier that the PC version of Battlefield 3 will be getting a brand new version of the comrose.

In fact, Tomas Danko, VO Producer at DICE, dubs it the “Comrose 2.0.”

He was recently asked if the comrose would ever make its way to consoles.

He replied, “it’s a matter of finding an unused button on the controller…”

If this can be figured out, it may very well be likely that the comrose will make its way to consoles.

When it comes to commands, some players have been noticing that their commands go unheard if they are too far away from teammates when asking for ammo or health.

Thankfully, Danko mentioned that “a future update will relay it over radio if you’re farther away, so you should hear it hopefully.”

Lastly, for those confused with what type of audio setting should be used while wearing a 5.1 headset, Danko clarified that players should use “Headphone for stereo cans, HiFi for 5.1 headphones.

Not Wartapes,” which has sometimes been the misconception.


BF3アップデート CQ2対戦ローテーションに カルカンド

Back to Karkand to Have a 2-Round Map Rotation, and Incoming BF3 PS3 Backend Update
カルカンドは2対戦ローテーション これから来るPS3版 補足アップデート


Gustav Halling, Gameplay Designer at DICE, reveals a playlist update that will be arriving tomorrow, along with the Back to Karkand expansion pack for the PC and Xbox 360.

Halling stated that “tomorrow, Back To Karkand will get 2 rounds map rotation!

Now you can take revenge on the other team in Conquest Assault!!”

This has been a requested feature for a while and was mentioned in one of our earlier articles which you can read here.

It is also something that was included in DICE’s previous titles, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and the multiplayer portion of Medal of Honor (for other game-types).

Halling also mentioned that the “PS3 will get a 10min backend update,” most likely corresponding with the maintenance on the Xbox 360 and PC, which you can read about here, along with the Back to Karkand release times.

Did you miss the 2-round matches from previous Battlefield titles?
前タイトルの2対戦ローテーション 恋しかった?

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