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BF3 アップデート

BF3 サーバーアップデート 3つのバグ対策

BF3 サーバーアップデート 3つのバグ対策


Server update eliminates 3 bugs

We have started deployment of a new server update on all formats. This update has three bug fixes (and nothing else):

Fixes immortality bug
We have identified and eliminated a bug where players in specific cases would be rendered invulnerable.

Fixes broken spawn points in TDM mode on Strike at Karkand
We have identified and eliminated a bug where players would only spawn in a few places on the east side of the map.

Fixes a crash in Gun Master mode
We have identified and eliminated a crash issue in Gun Master mode. To definitively eliminate this crash issue, we have had to implement a change so that players can no longer move in preround in Gun Master mode.

It usually takes ~15 minutes on consoles for these updates to be rolled out. On PC you should see these updates in about 24 hours on a majority of the servers. Note that during the console server update window (for 15 minutes) you will not be able to play multiplayer.

BF3 チート対策アップデート

BF3 チート対策アップデート


Anti-cheat update: Quicker bans and reminder how to report cheaters

Our efforts to keep Battlefield 3 a fair game continue. Here’s an update on how we are staffing up our anti-cheat department and decreasing turnaround times. Also: How you can help.

Fact: We receive literally hundreds of reports each day from our players on suspicious-behaving opponents. Our first call of action is usually to manually verify whether these reports are valid or not.

Fact: In the large majority of cases, cheat reports are not valid. By far the most common outcome of a report is that we can conclude that the player is simply awesome at playing Battlefield 3. We know it can sometimes feel like you’ve been the victim of a cheater – but the stark reality in most of these cases is you’ve simply met a great adversary.

Keeping the Battlefield fair is one of our top priorities. But making sure we don’t erroneously ban a non-cheating player is of course of utmost importance. That’s why we carefully investigate before banning anyone from playing the game.

More staff, quicker turnarounds
At the same time, we want to make sure we take swift action on proven cheaters. That’s why we have staffed up and decreased the turnaround time from report to action. Going forward, you will see quicker action taken on cheaters − specifically when it comes to stats wiping and/or banning them.

Finally, here’s a reminder how you can help us by reporting suspected cheaters. If you believe you have been the victim of outright cheating, the best way to report your concerns is to enter the profile page here on Battlelog of the person you suspect and click the triangle in the top right corner of his name.
(ちなみにURL → http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/ユーザー名/) 

This will open up a window where you can describe to us at DICE what happened. Please enter as much detail as possible, describing what specifically makes you believe this player has used unfair methods, and preferably include a link to the Battle Report for the match in question.

How to tell if someone’s been banned
One question that we get a lot is why person X is not banned when he is obviously proven to be a cheater. The problem is, there is no good way for normal Battlelog visitors to verify whether a player has actually been banned from play or not, since a cheater’s profile normally will stay visible but with reset stats.

This means that a player who has had his stats reset (but can still play) and a player who is banned from playing will look very similar on Battlelog. One way for you to get a better idea whether someone is banned or not is to look at the date of when he last played the game. But in most cases when you think someone should have been banned, he has. There’s just not any way for us to signal that on Battlelog at the moment.

We hope this small update has provided some insight into our anti-cheat work. Have a great gaming weekend, and thanks to our community for helping us in our ongoing anti-cheat efforts.
BF3 チート 通報


BFシリーズ 10周年記念食事会 その4

BFシリーズ 10周年記念食事会 その4



”Someone told me recently they had lost months of work because of our >bloody demo<”
- Lars Gustavsson learns the Wake Island demo was pretty popular

Speaking of the demo, I was travelling the other week and met a guy who said they had lost months of work because of our ”bloody demo!” (laughs). It seems everyone has a relationship to it. For a lot of people this was a true watershed moment that made an impression in the gaming industry.

The topic changes to the E3 2000 movie.
話題はE3 2000動画に移った。

LARS: Do you remember our movie for E3 2000? The airplane couldn’t fly, so we used the camera instead.
ラース:E3 2000覚えてる?飛行機が飛ばなくて、だからカメラを代わりに使った。

MATS: Yeah, we had an airplane and the we just panned the camera like this…

STEFAN: It was like one hour until Patrick Söderlund’s plane left for the show when we rendered the final frames of the movie. He RAN down to the cab and drove off. Back then we didn’t have a proper game engine up and running so we couldn’t really do anything in the game. We took a lot of shortcuts. The planes just hung in the air and we panned around with the camera and locked it on different objects. That makes it look like the plane was actually flying.

LARS: And for the boat we just animated the water to make it look like the boat was moving.

STEFAN: And do you remember the tanks? It was Martin Hedlund [Programmer on Battlefield 1942] who created some code to make them follow the terrain. They didn’t have any physics or anything, they just rolled along.

LARS: And Marcus Fritze [Artist on Battlefield 1942, still at DICE] had those entry/exit animations. They STILL haven’t made it into the game (laughs).
ラース:あとマーカス(BF1942の美術担当 今もダイス勤務)が乗車/下車のモーションを作った。まだゲームに使われてない(笑)

MAGNUS: The entry/exit animation for the tanks?

LARS: Yep, but you basically just saw a soldier climbing up onto the back of a tank. I don’t know if he ever entered the hatch.

STEFAN: Yes he did.

LARS: I’ve been flipping through a lot of old binders now that it’s our tenth anniversary. Do you remember our Guadalcanal test bed? We had this tiling landscape, which meant you could snipe yourself in the back of the head! It was tiled so you could just keep on flying.

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